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Medical shipments for Sudan and Senegal
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Africa hospital mother and child

Help us to make people well!

We are grateful for your faithful and generous support of WorldShare over past months. We would like to invite your help again, for a project which is urgent and which has the potential to bring help to thousands of people in the African countries of Sudan and Senegal, in a very direct way.

Medical shipments for Sudan and Senegal

From time to time, WorldShare is offered help by companies in the pharmaceutical industry who are willing to donate large quantities of medicines and medical equipment to our projects overseas, free of charge.

Africa doctor
This doctor can diagnose, but can only treat his patients if we can supply him with the medicines

These are not old or out-of-date items, but top-quality and up-to-date medications from the original distributors. These manufacturers give away a proportion of what they produce to charities they trust, as part of their own social commitment.

These donations are large and very generous when they happen. In the last 10 years, drug companies have given an astounding sum of £25 million worth of medications and equipment to our partner ministries. We could never have hoped to have afforded all this, if we had to buy it. So we are very grateful for their help.

However, one of the conditions attached to these gifts is that we raise funds for the actual shipment of the goods from Europe or the USA to wherever they are needed. This can be expensive.  We have three shipments waiting to go right now, and that is why we are asking for your help.

Let us tell you about the places these medical shipments are needed...


Simon Gore and his family fled from their home during one of the many outbreaks of fighting which have destroyed villages in Sudan over recent years. They survived much violence and even the squalor of a refugee camp, where they lived in very poor conditions for many months.

Sadly however, Simon contracted tuberculosis. This is quite rare in the West now, but a widespread killer in much of Africa. 

Not only was Simon’s life at risk, but as he is the only breadwinner for his family, the future survival of his wife and children was also put in jeopardy.

Africa dispensary
This hospital dispensary is very busy, but needs our help to fill the shelves

Tuberculosis can be effectively treated with the right medication. But that medication does not usually exist in Simon’s part of Sudan. Even if it did, poor people like Simon could not afford it, if they had to pay.

Thanks to the free provision of medication by our partner, Africa Inland Church, Simon is now well and resettled.

AIC have many decades of experience in both north and South Sudan, have many clinics in towns and rural areas, where people like Simon can be treated freely. Outside Khartoum, they provide medical services to a camp of 70,000 refugees.

Many lives are saved; many families are saved. People have new hope and people find Jesus. The gifts of medical supplies make this ministry possible.


José Oliviera, leader of our partners Inter-Senegal Mission, has a particular burden for the 100,000 street children who roam the nation’s capital, Dakar.   Because of great poverty, many families cannot support their children and so these children finish up on the streets.

Many families also send their sons to study the Qur’an, unaware that their children will in fact be expected to beg on the streets all day, for their food and their teachers’.

The street children live in an environment of abuse, drugs and prostitution, and suffer diseases brought about by these circumstances, and through malnutrition and isolation. ISM has a major hospital and many clinics which treat street kids and also go to take the only medical help to many outlying villages.

On child, rescued from the streets and returned to health, said: “You are truly sent by God. Without you, I wonder how I or any of the other victimised children, would survive.”

Again, this help can only be given because of the precious shipments of medical supplies we are able to send to Senegal.

The need

It costs £20,000 to send each container of medical supplies to Africa. That is a lot of money, but each container carries vitally-needed medications and equipment valued at around £640,000.

So each £1 given for the transport will help deliver £32-worth of supplies. How can the value of this be measured in terms of the lives it saves ?

We presently have three containers ready to go – 1 to Senegal and 2 to Sudan. Please pray that God will help us raise the £60,000 needed to send them. They contain almost £2 million worth of help!

If you are able, please send gifts towards this need using one of the following methods.

  Ways to donate

You can send a gift by post:

Please make cheques payable to ‘WorldShare’.

Write ‘CONTAINERS’ and your name and address on the reverse of your cheque. If you would prefer your gift to go to just one of the countries mentioned, just write that country’s name on the reverse as well.

Mail to ‘
FREEPOST WORLDSHARE’ (that’s all you need to write on the envelope, and no stamp is needed if mailing in the UK).

You can give a gift over the phone: Please phone (01302) 775209, and have your Credit/Debit Card details to hand when you call.

Thank you for your help.