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DR Congo - Civil War claims the life of HEAL Africa staff member: "I take this opportunity to inform you that HEAL Africa DRC has just lost one of its staff: another lawyer called Roger Muteba.
"Mr Roger Muteba, a lawyer, who was based in Mweso (about 60 kms away from Goma, west) where he was coordinating the juridical clinic of HEAL Africa. He was working in the same project as the late Mrs Viviane Vira Fataki who passed away a couple of weeks ago in Goma due to labour complications.
"According to information from the ground, there was a fight today in the morning between a militia called Nyantura (Mai-Mai) and the government soldiers. This fight took place around the city of Mweso. Three of our staff were traveling from Mweso to another city called Kitchanga when the Mai- Mai suddenly attacked the government army on their way. Our staff left the car and tried to run away in the bush but a stray bullet injured Roger in the abdomen.

"The driver, Jean-Pierre, took him, put him in the car and took him to Mweso hospital. Doctors without borders (MSF) who work at this hospital took him to theatre immediately. They found that his spleen and his intestines were severely damaged. They tried to stop the bleeding and to remove parts of these damaged organs but he had lost too much blood. He received 5 units of blood, but this was not enough to save him.

"Unfortunately Roger passed away this evening at around 8:30 PM.

"Once again this is a very big loss for HEAL Africa. In two months, we have lost two lawyers working in the same project. They were all assisting and defending survivors of sexual and gender-based violence at the court.

"The future of this project is in God's hands. It is really a difficult time for us. Please pray for this complex situation.


Dr Justin Paluku, CEO, HEAL Africa

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HEAL hospital floods 550x290.jpg
Heavy rains on the 31st March in town of Goma, eastern DR Congo have caused devastation at the HEAL Africa hospital - £445,000 of specialist medical equipment has been destroyed. Patients are unable to be treated. Click here to help!




Refugees stuck in no man's land on border between Macedonia and Serbia

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Rev. Mircho Andreev of Macedonian Mission to the Balkans has just sent us this email (14.03hrs, 7th April, 2016):

"Although there are no more refugees entering from Greece, the problem in Macedonia is not solved. Between 1,200 and 1,400 are still at the northern border at Tabanovce. The number varies every day as some are captured and some escape.

"The conditions in the camp are very bad. There is no provision for washing and drying clothes. The biggest problem is underwear. We have clothes, but are not allowed to distribute them as the UNHCR and Red Cross say they have clothes - but the refugees don't get anything from them.

"Food - a few days ago there was a mass outbreak of food poisioning, with 150 people affected. Due to this, a new restriction has been imposed meaning only Red Cross can distribute food. Having witnessed this, I can say that their food is very bad quality and very little quantity. No bread is given.

"AGAPE, our humanitarian work, is the only organisation which kept working, giving fruit, sometimes double rations. We were permitted to do this, but no longer bread or boiled eggs or milk.

"Nobody knows how long this crisis will last, and nobody knows how to solve it. These people are in great need. Fights break out because of frustration.

"The situation in Macedonia is very serious because of the refugees and also our own political crisis. We ask your prayers:

  • For resolving the refugee crisis
  • For our AGAPE team's protection in the volatile Tabanovce camp
  • For our daily needs
  • That our team members can be a real testimony and a sign of hope to these people

God bless you,"

Mircho Andreev, President of AGAPE, Macedonia

Refugee & Migrants in Europe Crisis
Refugee & Migrants in Europe Crisis




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