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Education Provision around the World       

As we wave off our children to start their new school year, let’s remember those children who have no access to education. Here are some ways you can support this cause and help children in the neediest parts of the world to receive an education.

Children in Slums

In rural India, the Bibirhut Knowledge Hub gives the gift of high-quality education to children from slum homes in Kolkata, one of the world’s poorest cities. A one-off donation of £8 will provide one month’s education for a child.

Click here to donate: http://www.worldshare.org.uk/freedom-gifts/fg6/fg6c-children/



An estimated 31 million school-age girls around the world never get the chance to learn. A one-off gift of £18 can provide a school place, specifically for a girl, with school books and uniform.

Click here to donate: http://www.worldshare.org.uk/freedom-gifts/fg6/fg6g-girls/

Child Sponsorship

A monthly donation of £20 will help a child learn to read and write as well as providing them with clothing and nourishing meals.

Click here for info: http://www.worldshare.org.uk/childaid/



Our latest news - please scroll down for more or download this summer's edition of "Window".

Window 2016-2_Cover.jpg
Christian Witness.jpg
Hope Bible College, Myanmar (Burma)

Recently WorldShare has been able to help with an important, but unglamorous project, to help the work of Hope Bible College. The construction of a much needed toilet block for the girl’s dormitory.

A significant sum of money (about 60%) was raised by the local Church and WorldShare was able to add to this, partly following the generosity of two supporters, but also channelling some other funds towards the work. This meant that the work could go ahead on time and the toilet block be ready for the new college year in early June.

Anti-trafficking and prevention education, Moldova
Photo of Craig, Rachel and Sergei

WorldShare is working with Bury School and the Beginning of Life ministry in Moldova to see how this ‘capacity building’ work, might be continued and expanded.

Sue Sainsbury one of our Board members also accompanied Craig and Rachel and was really excited by the potential of the work she saw.

Many thanks to Rev Craig Watson and Rachel Dauber for undertaking this trip.

Nepal Earthquakes - one year on.
Nepal House Build 1.jpg
New house built after Nepal quake

April 25th 2016 was the first anniversary of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, which was then followed by another 7.3 magnitude aftershock on the 12th May. Combined they caused the death of some 8,700 people, serious injury of nearly 17,000 and over half a million left homeless. This earthquake (or quakes) was the “big one”, the earthquake which had been predicted for many years and people[i] in Nepal had been planning for.

WorldShare supporters raised over £48,000 towards the relief work, which was an amazing response and for which WorldShare, its partners and the people of Nepal, are grateful to God.


Thank you for your support!

[i] Our CEO Alan Butler lived in Nepal for 12 years (up to 2003) and remembers clearly his children being instructed in earthquake drill at school and having an earthquake emergency kit stored in a safe place close to his house.

Develop | Empower | Multiply
The community of the Guatemala City dump need to be equipped for a life away from scavenging, to boost their self-esteem and to take ownership of the five programmes being offered at Potter's House HQ, but even more importantly, the three newly established community centres strategically located in three areas near the dump.
Update on the Goma Hospital Flood
(March/April 2016) - DR Congo

The devastating floods in Goma during the night of the 31 st March – 1 st April caused widespread damage to the HEAL Africa hospital. Over £440,000-worth of vital hospital equipment was either damaged or destroyed, along with the meagre personal possessions of patients and of course, putting vital surgery cases on hold. 

HEAL Africa’s amazing, dedicated team of technicians have been able to undertake significant repair work, bringing two of the x-ray machines back into working order, also the mammography machine and surgical machinery including drills. The hospital is very grateful to MONUSCO (UN Stabilisation Mission in DR Congo), who came to the rescue by organising the deep cleaning when the waters receded. 

The technical department can only do so much: £184,600 is still needed to bring the hospital equipment back up to full working order.


ChildAid Child Sponsorship - Transform a life for today… and for eternity, for just £20 per month!


Through our ChildAid programme you can help children learn to read and write; you can give them a real education which every child should have a right to.

You will feed them nourishing meals and provide suitable clothing, and
you will also most importantly of all offer a child the opportunity to hear about Jesus, and start their new lives in Him.

Click here to start your ChildAid journey!

A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out!

Micro-finance project
Micro-finance project, Bibirhut
Micro-finance, Bibirhut

The Problem: Bibirhut is a rural community south-west of Kolkata, India. WorldShare's partner is the only NGO operating there. We are providing education for village children and have identified the lack of employment opportunities as another barrier to escaping the cycle of misery and poverty. Most adults work as subsistence farmers, daily paid manual labourers or as domestic servants.

The Solution: Micro-Finance Initiatives are a proven method of transforming lives in communities like Bibirhut. We have already enabled 60 ladies to begin their own businesses and we want to extend the project to provide the same opportunity to another 60. Each lady receives a loan of about £60, which has to be paid back over the course of one year. Weekly meetings enable group members to share experiences, to build relationships with each other and with our partner’s staff and during this time, weekly repayments are made. Successful repayment of a loan means the participant is eligible for another loan, possibly of a larger amount.



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