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Our latest news - please scroll down for more.

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Heavy rains on the 31st March in town of Goma, eastern DR Congo have caused devastation at the HEAL Africa hospital - £445,000 of specialist medical equipment has been destroyed. Patients are unable to be treated. Click here to help!




Refugees stuck in no man's land on border between Macedonia and Serbia

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Rev. Mircho Andreev of Macedonian Mission to the Balkans has just sent us this email (14.03hrs, 7th April, 2016):

"Although there are no more refugees entering from Greece, the problem in Macedonia is not solved. Between 1,200 and 1,400 are still at the northern border at Tabanovce. The number varies every day as some are captured and some escape.

"The conditions in the camp are very bad. There is no provision for washing and drying clothes. The biggest problem is underwear. We have clothes, but are not allowed to distribute them as the UNHCR and Red Cross say they have clothes - but the refugees don't get anything from them.

"Food - a few days ago there was a mass outbreak of food poisioning, with 150 people affected. Due to this, a new restriction has been imposed meaning only Red Cross can distribute food. Having witnessed this, I can say that their food is very bad quality and very little quantity. No bread is given.

"AGAPE, our humanitarian work, is the only organisation which kept working, giving fruit, sometimes double rations. We were permitted to do this, but no longer bread or boiled eggs or milk.

"Nobody knows how long this crisis will last, and nobody knows how to solve it. These people are in great need. Fights break out because of frustration.

"The situation in Macedonia is very serious because of the refugees and also our own political crisis. We ask your prayers:

  • For resolving the refugee crisis
  • For our AGAPE team's protection in the volatile Tabanovce camp
  • For our daily needs
  • That our team members can be a real testimony and a sign of hope to these people

God bless you,"

Mircho Andreev, President of AGAPE, Macedonia

Refugee & Migrants in Europe Crisis
Refugee & Migrants in Europe Crisis


2015 Highlights from our Guatemalan partner working amongst the Guatemala City Dump communities.

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Potter's House work with the community who live next to the stinking pit of rubbish which is the largest landfill site in Central America.

Click here to see a breakdown of their activities and results from Jan-Dec 2015.

Hector Rivas, Director of Potter's House visits the UK in May 2016.

Click here to view his schedule - everyone is very welcome to join us at each venue. More information by emailing us at info@worldshare.org.uk


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News from Macedonia on the situation faced by migrants and refugees as borders close

14th March 2016
Rev. Mirce Andreev (Macedonian Mission to the Balkans / AGAPE) reports...

"All the countries on the migration route through the Balkans have closed their borders - Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, because of some decisions made by Brussels.

"Although someone somewhere 'decided' that there are no more problems, that doesn't mean that there are not any problems.

"For us, at the moment, the situation is worse that it was. Around 15,000 - 20,000 refugees are stuck on the border between Greece and Macedonia and the conditions there are a humanitarian catastrophe.

"At the moment, the UN camp in Gevgelija (southern border with Greece) is not functioning as there are no new migrants. We are waiting to see how the political situation develops and what will happen with all these people. Our AGAPE team goes to the camp every day with items of food and clothing to distribute in case things change. It's been a few days now since our last distributions.

"On the northern border at Tabanovce we had another big problem. Around 1,500 migrants are stuck in the camp which is only a transit centre towards Serbia. In the UN tents, there is probably space for only 200 people, but now, there are around 1,500, mainly Afghans. We used to provide one meal a day here, but now we have provide for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem is becoming bigger and bigger because of the NGO's resources are being weakened.

"People are staying in the UN tents in the belief that they will still get the opportunity to go towards the West, but the reverse is true.

"We, AGAPE, are present there every day and our main tasks are to provide fruit, bread and boiled eggs, through which people are getting vitamins and protein. Every day we distribute large quantities of bananas, oranges, apples, kiwis, dates and between 1,500 to 2,000 boiled eggs. Also, every day, 600 to 1,000 cups of tea - we need money for tea, sugar plastic cups...

Mud camp toilets

"A kilometre or so from the camp, in 'no man's land', there is another group of people who are stuck between Serbia and Macedonia, mostly Syrians and Iraqis. They have had problems with documents and can't continue forward. Their situation is miserable - the number is 437, and there are only 8 toilets for all of them to use. Keeping them clean is impossible. Food and water is a big problems and everything else they need; they are families mostly, women and children. On top of all this, in the last week, it has rained constantly and I can't describe the mud that is there and people are trudging through it.

"People have 3-person tents, but in every one there are 7-10 people. I can't find the proper words to describe the situation. The first couple of days after the border closure, people went on hunger strike, but they stopped now. Getting food to them is a problem, but AGAPE continues to work and we see a huge blessing upon it."


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