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Flooding spreads in Cambodia

Waters spread in Cambodia's worst flooding in decades

Many houses can only be reached by boat
By boat over floods

After a series of typhoons swept northward from the Philippines, rain poured down in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and India. United Nations officials reported that the capitals of both Thailand and Cambodia were at risk as flooding swept through the cities.

More than 2.5 million people were affected, but there was very little news coverage on the depth of the crisis, particularly in regard to food shortages.

Rev. Timothy Ith of the Khmer Evangelical Association, based in Phnom Penh, described the plight of families most affected when the floods were at their peak.

“This time is worse than any time that we have ever experienced before, and the tragic event is causing hardship to thousands of people. They are living in a situation where they lack a proper place to live or even enough food to eat.

"There are more than 10 provinces affected with destroyed infrastructure, food insecurity, death of livestock, and loss of livelihoods. According to the government, thousands of hectares of rice paddies have been destroyed.”

Rev. Ith and his ministry team will be distributing relief items in cooperation with the local churches. The most immediate need is for rice, first aid supplies, and medicine. After the floodwater recedes, KEA hopes to help families replant their fields by providing seedlings for rice, corn, and beans through the seed banks run by the rural churches.

Please pray for the many families who are suffering and for Rev. Ith and the KEA team.