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zimbabwe blog 3

There is a line of white text here there is a line of white text he 12th April, 2011 - John Rose in Zimbabwe (Part 3)

There are 14 orphans in this house, ranging in age from around 4 to 14. All of them have lost parents, siblings, relatives, friends – mostly to AIDS, but often to the political violence which has racked Zimbabwe.

The marks and memories of their sadness are still on the faces of the older ones, but the younger ones, like small children everywhere, are all smiles and full of fun.

The number of orphaned children is increasing, as is the number of children living on the streets. Hope for Africa Missions is trying to help as many as possible.

Where possible, HFAM is trying to enable extended families to care for them. This is much better than institutionalising them in an orphanage.  In many instances, this means making sure that their families treat them properly, and don’t simply use them as slaves, or abuse them.

But for some children there are no relatives, and this new orphanage is the only option. Here there is a substantial house to protect them, and some loving Christian ladies who care for them with the little they have. WorldShare will be helping, with food, clothes, school books, and some stimulating toys.

Hope for Africa Missions Zimbabwe is now looking after a rapidly-growing number of orphans – sheltering them, working with extended families, and helping them to get education.  HFAM and WorldShare will be working together to provide and guide better educational opportunities for them, using experience gained at the highly-successful Grace Christian School. A team from Grace will be visiting Zimbabwe shortly.

One boy at the orphanage catches my attention. Most of the children have names which are familiar to us: ‘Peter’ or ‘Ruth’ for example. Some have attractive ‘characteristic’ names, such as ‘Goodness’ or ‘Blessing’, or Bible Names. But his name speaks only of his now-dead mother’s despair. His name is ‘No More’. No more children; no more pain; no more struggle; no more despair. 

He seemed to me to epitomise this sad land and redoubled my determination that we should help.

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