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Evangelical Church of Gambia

The Evangelical Church of Gambia (ECG) began more than 40 years ago, and today has eight ministry branches around the country.

ECG's vision is to plant churches in every district of the Gambia.

Since Pastor Matthias George accepted Christ as a teenager, he has spent his life sharing the gospel. For many years he worked with university students and today pastors ECG’s Omega Church.

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Evangelical Church of Gambia
Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and planting churches throughout Gambia

Pastor Malik is a believer from the Fulani tribe. When he became a Christian, he noticed how many believers would return to their former beliefs because of community pressure and the inability to make a living.

Having a similar upbringing, Malik has a special burden to encourage the faith of new believers. Pastor Malik oversees ECG’s Muslim ministry through the House of Wisdom.

House of Wisdom is an outreach arm of ECG that works to build up and equip new believers with vocational skills and to provide a strong support base for missions.

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Malik's story