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Evangelical Church of Iraq

In spite of the risks accompanying Christian work in northern Iraq, our partner Evangelical Church of Iraq (ECI) forges ahead by securing government permission to initiate community projects that address both practical and spiritual needs.

The ministry operates Christian bookstores and radio stations that broadcast eight hours a day, each in different cities, with an estimated listening audience of one million in each city.

In 2001, ECI started a Christian-based school for elementary-age children. The local government not only gave its approval

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ECI's school has an openly Christian curriculum
ECI's school has an openly Christian curriculum
for the school, but also donated land for campuses in three cities.

Many government officials were first in line to register their children, in spite of the openly Christian-based curriculum, opting for the school’s calibre of education and teachers.

The ministry has a number of churches, including the first evangelical church in Nineveh (Mosul) in 1,000 years.